October 15, 2008

Poll Says Up Is Down

NYT: Poll Says McCain Hurts His Bid by Using Attacks

Questioning the record of a man who could be the next president: Personal attack.
Questioning the uterus of a woman who could be the next vice president: Vetting.

These guys are not even pretending anymore. They've stacked the deck right in front of our eyes. If they can turn a few jerks at a rally into Birth of a Nation II, why should we believe their polls or their interpretation of them? That headline might as well be Poll Says McCain Hurts His Bid by Running Against the Next President.

They're just trying to get us to stay home on Nov. 4. Well, I can't speak for anybody else, but it's having the exact opposite effect on me. The more they try to make me feel hopeless, the more hope I feel.

On the very slight chance that somebody in the McCain campaign is reading this: Please don't listen to these polls. Don't be afraid to keep raising the character issue. It is perfectly legitimate to ask who has influenced Obama, where his ideas come from. And the resulting attacks and accusations of racism are a sign of weakness, not strength. The more you damage Obama's credibility, the harder they have to twist the truth until it's something they can work with. And more and more people are noticing.

The media has lost control. Don't let them get it back.

P.S. And as for whether to bring Wright into it? I'd say we've learned a few things about Obama since the last time Wright came up in the conversation. It's a lot tougher now to claim it was an isolated incident. A 20-year isolated incident at that. No, Wright is part of the puzzle. Don't be afraid to show people where he fits.

P.P.S. And tackle the accusations of racism head-on. It's not racist to talk about your opponent's record. And it's definitely not racist to point out how cynical he is for resorting to the accusation. For God's sake, they called you a racist for saying "that one." They think you're a racist for not conceding already. Why not just tell the truth and let them keep seething at their inability to honestly engage it?

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 15, 2008 07:29 AM