October 16, 2008

I like people who agree with me

Doc Paul writes:

For lord's sakes, what the effenheimer are the talking heads talking about? McCain killed tonight -- on substance, on style, on the zingers ("If you wanted to run against George Bush, you should have run four years ago"). Smirking jug-ears looked irritated and flustered. Did McCain miss some opportunities? Of course, but not too many. He was on tonight, and I wish this was the guy who had showed up at the last two debates. Anyway, thanks for allowing me to think that I am not alone.

You're welcome, but you'd better make fun of Obama's ears while you can. If he wins, such hate speech will be dealt with harshly.

Oh, and... "killed"? Somebody call the Secret Service!

P.S. Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias, AKA Jim Henson's Pundit Babies, both think McCain lost. Just further proof that he won.

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 16, 2008 09:28 AM