October 16, 2008

I'm sick of polls, as you might have guessed

I'm done letting them affect my opinion of the campaign one way or another. But as a public service -- if you're ready to throw yourself out a window because of how McCain's been polling, or if you're a super-genius who screams at me, "How can you ignore the polls, you dummy?" -- look at this. It doesn't make me any more happy than the bad poll results make me sad, but I know a lot of you have different religious beliefs and I respect that. If you live or die by the polls, you can come down off the ledge for one more day. Or, if you're on the other side, feel free to go out there.

And if you're still depressed about McCain or, on the other side, seething with rage at my "intellectual dishonesty," look at this.

Me? I'm fine. Optimistic, even. No matter what the polls say. I do feel bad for Joe, having to go through this "vetting proccess" because he asked a politician a question and got an uncharacteristically honest answer. But if Obama's such a shoo-in, why do they have to go after a plumber? Why do they sound so... concerned?

Nothing lifts your spirits quite like the stench of your opponent's fear. And right now I'm smiling.

P.S. Let me put it this way: If the polls are making you so discouraged that you're planning on staying home on election day, you shouldn't let them. You should do what you think is right, even if a bunch of Axelturfers tell you it's futile. But if good poll numbers make you feel better, keep you from giving up, that's awesome. That's the main thing. One way or the other, don't give up.

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 16, 2008 02:52 PM