October 16, 2008

Hey, what happens if you ask Obama an honest question and he accidentally gives you an honest answer?

First Obama makes fun of you and calls you a liar:

(thx, ace)

And then his supporters try to get you fired:

Wurzelbacher registered as an apprentice with the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council in November 2003, according to Dennis Evans, spokesman with the Department of Job and Family Services. Records show his training, which was sponsored by A & W Newell Co. of Toledo, should have been wrapped last year.

“We don’t have a record of completion,” Evans said. “All we know is that he registered in the program and has gone through to the point where we should have record of completion, but we don’t.”

And that’s not the only record that’s missing from Wurzelbacher’s file. He doesn’t have a plumbing license required by the city of Toledo to practice, according to a staffer with the Toledo Division of Building Inspection. Wurzelbacher, who now works for Newell Plumbing & Heating Co., said the owner, Al Newell, has a plumbing license and that “because he works for someone else, he doesn’t need a license.”

But even that’s not true, according to the Toledo Division of Building Inspection. Wurzelbacher can’t legally do plumbing work without a license, regardless of his boss’s certification.

A staff person with the Toledo Division of Building Inspection told On Call this afternoon that her division will contact Wurzelbacher to notify him that he can’t work without a license.

“We’re trying to track him down,” she said.

(thx, jimmie)

Is it just me, or have we seen more vetting of an Ohio plumber in the last 2 days than we've seen of Obama's mentor William Ayers all year? (Not to mention Obama himself!) Both Bill and Joe are embarrassing to Obama because they've given us glimpses of his true nature, and yet only one of them is being put through the wringer. Only one of them has to fear for his job. Weird, huh?

Let that be a lesson to you, America. Got something to say about Obama? Want to ask him a question he's not really ready for? You'd better keep your mouth shut, you racists. Unless you like being "vetted" by an angry mob. And Obama will in turn question your integrity in front of the whole world, while denying any responsibility for the consequences.

Keep it to yourself. Or else.

It was bad enough when they went after Sarah Palin's family. Now they're going after an ordinary citizen who isn't even running for office, just because he had the nerve to look Obama in the eye and say, "I'd like an explanation." Without kissing his feet even once.

These people are insane. We have to stand up to their seething hatred, their complete lack of scruples, their need to win at all costs. And we have to vote against the guy who they're so desperate to elect that they'll try to ruin a hard-working, tax-paying American just for asking truth of power.

P.S. If you have any doubt that John McCain is a fundamentally decent man, however you may disagree with him, then consider this. When he taped Letterman tonight -- and thank God that baby finally got his bottle! -- McCain actually apologized to Joe for what's happening to him, even though it's not McCain's fault. He said sorry on behalf of Obama and Obama's supporters, in the media and on the Internet and in the local government of Toledo, who are trying to destroy Joe because their savior screwed up in front of him.

John McCain truly does reach across the aisle, even to those who deserve it least.

McCain/Palin '08.

P.P.S. And no, I'm not smiling right now. When you go after a man's livelihood for asking Obama a question, I lose my sense of humor about your miserable desperation.

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 16, 2008 08:07 PM