October 17, 2008

You down with JTP? Yeah, you know me!

According to Rand Simberg, the Obama camp is actually complaining that McCain didn't -- and this is real, they're actually saying this -- that McCain didn't vet Joe Wurzelbacher.

Remember: Obama is supposed to be the frontrunner.

One of Rand's commenters tries to imagine what this vetting process might entail:

McCain Rep: Excuse me, sir, but I need to ask you a few questions.

Joe the Plumber: Why? Are you the police?

MR: No, sir, I'm with the McCain campaign. I need to ask you a few questions, on the off chance that you are playing football in your front yard when Senator Obama decides to make an unscheduled stop to try to talk you into voting for him.

Read the rest, as they say.

P.S. Another reason these media creeps hate Joe is the same reason they hate bloggers. He embarrassed them by doing the job they used to do. Without even asking permission.

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 17, 2008 03:33 PM