October 18, 2008

Why hasn't McCain conceded yet?

Editor & Publisher is brimming with confidence:

The Obama-Biden ticket maintains its strong lead in the race for newspaper endorsements, picking up 17 more papers in the past day, including the giant Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune on Friday afternoon (see separate story), and the Denver Post, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Salt Lake Tribune, Kansas City Star, Southwest News-Herald (Ill.) and Chicago Sun-Times tonight.

Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention, but has there really been a race for newspaper endorsements? Have we replaced the electoral college with the editorial college?

Oh wait, I get it. This is yet another sign of the futility of voting for McCain, right? "The newspapers I don't read anymore unless a trustworthy blog links to them, they favor Obama 3-1. Sure, most reporters are liberals and they've given up denying it, but still. Guess it really is over."

Yet another sign of doom and gloom, my McCain-sympathizing friends:

The readership of the 53 newspapers backing Obama now stands at well over 7 million.

Which is somewhat over 1/3rd of Rush Limbaugh's audience. He's endorsing Obama too, I think? Not sure; I'm more of a Mark Levin fan. Thank me!

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 18, 2008 07:50 AM