October 19, 2008

Archives are racist



It's not a Photoshop. Besides, if it's not important, why would you try to say it's a Photoshop? And he really is mentioned in the book. By the guy he barely knew well enough to say hi to when they worked in the same small office for three years.

I can just see it now: "These clippings are fake, and besides, I didn't really like the book as much as I claimed. I was only 35 when I didn't write that." Etc. Same thing with this Joe the Plumber smear campaign, and "100% of my opponent's ads are negative," and "I never heard Rev. Wright say a single bad thing in 20 years," and every other attempt to cover up something that might make voters think twice about Obama. He and his acolytes will say anything and make themselves believe anything.

The Obama Way: Just throw out every denial and non sequitur you can think of, even if they contradict each other. Scatter so much chaff that your opponents get distracted by all of it, and the people who aren't paying close enough attention eventually shrug and say, "He couldn't be that big of a liar, could he?" And do it with a calm, earnest tone and a serious look on your face to hypnotize morons like Christopher Buckley.

If you support Obama, please watch some TV Land and realize that you want to elect Eddie Haskell.

I have to believe that enough voters are seeing through his rhetorical tactics, and resisting his effort to turn our doubts about the content of his character into doubts about the color of his skin. Enough voters are catching on to make a difference. He can't brainwash everybody.

Can he?

P.S. On Oct. 8, Obama's communication director had this to say about the Obama/Ayers friendship to Sean Hannity and the other one:

HANNITY: Wait a minute. Wait, he did blurb his book, you know?


Communication directed.

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 19, 2008 04:04 PM