October 19, 2008

Here's why I haven't watched this guy in almost 4 years

Content warning for adult language and childish parochialism:

"I've never heard such a disparity between how cute someone sounds when they're saying something and how terrible what they're saying is." True fact: Obama has gotten where he is in spite of his looks, and he has yet to tell a single lie.

"After eight years of this divisiveness, we're back to this idea that only small-town America is the real America." Hey, Jon. There are more stand-up comedians than plumbers, right? (Larry the Cable Guy is a special case, I think.)

And if all criticism of Obama is racist, can we start calling all criticism of Palin misogynist?

Jon Stewart hates women.

(thx, MKH)

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 19, 2008 09:25 PM