October 21, 2008

In which I give Obama a bad rap

A little over a month ago -- time flies! -- I shared a rap I wrote for Obama to help him remind America that John McCain is a war hero with crippling torture injuries. Apparently the Obama campaign has dropped that tactic for some reason, but given all the events since then, I thought I'd have another go at helping him out.

Barry, please feel free to spit this educational rhyme at your next speech, rally, or Black Liberation Theology reading group:

Well! My! Name is Barack and I'm gonna raise your taxes
Intimidated media won't tell ya what the facts is

That plumber was a bummer when his question caused a schism
'Tween the folks who like their paychecks and the fans of socialism

I hung out with a terrorist for 10 or 20 years
But don't you bring it up, or I'll holla "Fight the Smears!"

You racists try to stop me with your bigotry and hate
Just because my bestest buddies used to laugh at Sharon Tate

I've spent a half a billion on an advertising blitz
But according to the polls I worship, it ain't doin' $#!+

I'm getting mad donations and I'm gonna get some mo'
From my man Good Will and my buddy Doodad Pro

My campaign calls your house all day and bugs you while you're eatin'
And ACORN ain't about to stop the unrepentant cheatin'

I smirk, I'm a jerk, and I work within the system
To bring about a class war that will crush capitalism

Alinsky is a prophet and I think you oughta listen
I'll send an "Action Wire" if you even try to diss him

It's only a coincidence I'm going into hidin'
After weeks of harsh attacks by an imbecile named Biden

So don't you mess with me or I'll vet ya till you're quiet
And if I'm not elected, then there's gonna be a riot


What. They did it to Palin. Was mine as good?

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 21, 2008 02:22 AM