October 21, 2008

What are the first three words of the Constitution?

We the Politicians?
We the Reporters?
We the Pundits?
We the Pollsters?
We the Academics?
We the Actors?
We the Comedians?
We the Worms?
We the Shadowy Left-Wing Billionaires with Unnerving Accents?

Okay, that last one was way too many words, but you get the idea. This crap isn't working on me, and the harder they try to get me to stay home on Nov. 4, the harder I circle my calendar.

And on that note, please enjoy David "Indigestible Waste" Corn getting schooled by a Colombian-born construction worker and McCain voter named Tito Munoz. You can skip the first 80 seconds of Obamanchurian boilerplate if you want to get to the good stuff. And note how the still image they used was one of the wackjobs selling those stupid bumper stickers, who got clowned for it by McCain supporters:

Go, Tito, go! And here's something even more humiliating to Corn that he left out of his report, but Byron York didn't:

"Let me talk," Munoz said to Corn. "I know the Constitution, and I know my First Amendment -- "

"I'm not the state," Corn said. "I can't take that right away from you."

"No, no," Munoz shot back. "Even the state, the state cannot take that right away."

"Right, right," Corn quickly agreed.

"Nobody can take that away," Munoz said.


Having a camera pointed at you or a desk in a newsroom does not make you a genius, and having a hard hat and a toolbelt does not make you a dummy. These guys still don't get that, which is why they're going to blow it.

Obama wanted to whip up a class war, but somehow I don't think this was what he had in mind.

(thx, john)

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 21, 2008 02:05 PM