October 21, 2008

Sure, Obama is an avowed socialist, and Biden says electing him will trigger another 9/11 (which would be just fine with William Ayers), but let's get back to the real issues

Forget all those distractions. What about this???


Did she forget to put juice boxes in their lunches, too?

Who at the AP vetted Brett J. Blackledge, Adam Goldman, and Matt Apuzzo? And why aren't newspapers abandoning the AP faster?

P.S. No distractions:


Did you know Michelle Obama makes all of Barack's clothes by hand? The workers control the means of fashion.

They really need to change the name from the Politico to the Obamico.

P.S. How many millions is Obama spending on ads every week? How much is he spending to possibly postpone game 6 of the World Series with his dumb infomerical? And when is he going to tell us where all that money is coming from?

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 21, 2008 08:16 PM