October 24, 2008

Hey, why did you donate to Obama?

Recently it's been alleged that the Obama campaign has disabled online security settings that would prevent illegal credit card donations, thus opening the doors for massive fraud. Which, Obama's detractors claim, is why he's raised an unprecedented amount of wealth that he's spreading around to advertising agencies, television networks, video game manufacturers, and anybody else who'll put his name, face, and soothing words on something.

I decided to look past the spin and ask the folks who really know what's going on: the donors themselves. Here's what a few of them said!

  • "I donated because America is ready for a change." -- Spider Mann
  • "Anything I can do to help. He's handsome and he makes me feel happy inside." -- Paul Bunyan
  • "You mean you haven't seen him dance?" -- Al J. Zira
  • "McCain is super-old. Why isn't he young? I like 'em young." -- Cruella de Vil
  • "I've always been a fan of slogans I don't need to think about too much." -- P.W. Herman
  • "If my $199 donation under a different name every 10 minutes can't save our country, I don't know what can." -- Hugh G. Rection
  • "What's wrong with being social? Besides: Social Security. Hello?" -- K. Powers
  • "It is least I can do for nation I am loving so much, my longtimes home since to be, ehhhhh, birth: the America." -- V. Putin
  • "I feel guilty about not paying enough taxes." -- Arthur Fonzarelli
  • "Did you see the shoes that c*** was wearing?" -- Dora T. Explorer
  • "I'm sick of being called a racist." -- Auric Goldfinger
  • "Thees keed's got the goods!" -- Fidel C.
  • "After 8 long years, it's finally time for some transparency in government." -- Captain Silly Ppppbbhht

And another right-wing smear bites the dust. Nice try, wingnuts!

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 24, 2008 09:42 AM