October 28, 2008



Let's try a thought experiment. Say John McCain attended a party at which known racists and terror mongers were in attendance. Say testimonials were given, including a glowing one by McCain for the benefit of the guest of honor ... who happened to be a top apologist for terrorists. Say McCain not only gave a speech but stood by, in tacit approval and solidarity, while other racists and terror mongers gave speeches that reeked of hatred for an American ally and rationalizations of terror attacks.

Now letís say the Los Angeles Times obtained a videotape of the party.

Let's say you read the rest. Say this is highly reminiscent of the way the LAT turned a blind eye to the Rielle Hunter story, except this one actually matters to you and me. Say it's no wonder the LAT just laid off 10% of their staff.

Say we don't need these unethical bums anymore to find out the truth.

P.S. Even more bad news for the LAT: Patterico.com is back.

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 28, 2008 01:11 PM