November 06, 2008

Operation Leper

That's the name of's new project to track down the miserable [Al Swearengen's favorite word] who are sneaking around trashing Palin after she gave them their best shot at winning this thing. Bring these pathetic [inhalers of penis] to light.

P.S. Palin is great. Keep hatin', haters, because she's going to be just fine. If I may quote myself from the early days of Palinoia, two whole months ago: "This lady absorbs abuse and converts it into laser beams of awesomeness."

P.P.S. The NYT has more of this horsecrap, although I didn't read past the description of the McCain/Palin campaign as "now-imploded." Yeah, isn't that how they described Kerry/Edwards '04 too?

Dear NYT Staff:

Now that Obama has gotten what he needed out of you guys, enjoy the looming certainty of sweeping newsroom layoffs. Unfortunately for you, Starbucks isn't hiring either.

Ha Ha

Posted by Jim Treacher at November 6, 2008 04:40 AM