November 06, 2008

A scene from Robert Gibbs' first White House press conference

bobbygibbs.jpgAccording to the Obamico, Obama's lovely and talented communications director will serve as his administration's first White House Press Secretary. This is gonna be awesome!

Gibbs: [Points] "Yes, Helen Thomas. Hello, good to see-- um, good to have you here, Helen."

Thomas: "Thank you." [coughs up cloud of dust] "I have a question and a followup: Why is Obama so amazing? And, is 'amazing' really adequate? Is there any word in any human language that can truly describe him?" [begins convulsing in ecstacy and croaking out steady stream of glossolalia]

Gibbs: [Joins her]

The hard-hitting news is about to get even more hard-hittingly hard-hitting.

Posted by Jim Treacher at November 6, 2008 08:54 AM