December 03, 2008

Quick note about the Mumbai terrorists

They were terrorists. The people who are funding and training them are terrorists. Sure, they're also "militants," and "gunmen," and I guess if you're feeling particularly euphemistic, you could even describe them as "practitioners." But the word so many people keep dancing around is terrorists.

Oh, and they were Muslims too. How about that! And they targeted Jews, who make up something like 0.005% of the population of India. What a weird coincidence that these "militants" just so happened to stumble upon the handful of Jews in the whole country. When these brave men were beating a two-year-old child, not to mention torturing and murdering his father and pregnant mother in front of him, at some point these mighty warriors must have realized that the three of them were Jewish and people might get the wrong idea.

To the media outlets that are turning a blind eye to the clearly stated motives of these murdering, child-abusing, Islamofascist anti-Semite thugs: You deserve your impending financial ruin. We no longer want what you're selling.

The new boss says: "My administration will remain steadfast in support of India’s effort to catch perpetrators* and bring them to justice." That's great. How about bringing them to room temperature? It's what they want anyway, so it works out for everybody.

As usual, Burge says it better than I ever could.

*A fine addition to the euphemism list...

Posted by Jim Treacher at December 3, 2008 01:50 AM