February 17, 2009

"We've already estabished what you are... now we're just haggling about the price"

Via McCormack at WS:

Chicago Tribune correspondent Jill Zuckman announced yesterday that she will join the Obama administration as assistant to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and director of public affairs...

Zuckman becomes at least the fourth reporter to join the Obama administration. Others include former TIME Washington bureau chief Jay Carney who is now Vice President Biden's communications director, former Los Angeles Times reporter Peter Gosselin who is now a speechwriter for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, and former Washington Post deputy editor Warren Bass who is an adviser to United Nations Ambassador Dr. Susan Rice.

Former ABC News congressional correspondent Linda Douglass became a senior strategist for the Obama campaign, while other campaign officials included former CNN producer Kate Albright-Hanna and former CNN correspondent Aneesh Raman.

Remember what a big deal it was when Tony Snow became the White House Press Secretary? How terrible it was?

Well, you can hardly blame these people for transitioning into a growth industry: government.

Posted by Jim Treacher at February 17, 2009 01:57 PM