February 28, 2009

Just a quick look at some top Google results for "during Katrina"

Documents Reveal FEMA Mistakes During Katrina (NPR)

President Bush concedes mistakes during Katrina, but says fed action not slow (Nola.com)

How Condi Rice Spent the Storm: Shopping During Katrina (Counterpunch)

The fight to save patients during Katrina (Dateline NBC)

McCain Compares Obama To Bush During Katrina. Right. (Jack & Jill Politics)

FEMA computers hampered during Katrina (PhysOrg.com)

Police Coping with Stress During Katrina Efforts (NPR)

It was Heroism, Not Homicide, During Katrina (Time)

Looking Back at the White House During Katrina (LA Progressive)

Notice any pattern there? Do you think they were all saying "during the actual landfall of Hurricane Katrina, and at no point beyond"? Or did they mean "during the storm and its aftermath"?

When it comes to finding a way to slam the Bush administration, "during Katrina" apparently spans the period between the beginning of time and after we're all dead. But if Bobby Jindal says it, all of a sudden it's his fault for not running outside right that minute and wrestling the hurricane to the ground.

Katrina was a gigantic mess, and there were a lot of mistakes and incompetence during it. There's plenty of blame to go around. But it sounds to me like Jindal did better than most. Nitpicking over his use of "during Katrina" is simply a bad-faith effort to smear a guy you don't like because of the color of his party affiliation. If you do it you should be ashamed of yourself, which is of course why you're not.

Once again:

P.S. More facts. I hope Zachary Roth doesn't blog from Starbucks, because his open weeping might cause a scene.

P.P.S. A New Orleans resident speaks.

Posted by Jim Treacher at February 28, 2009 11:44 AM