March 03, 2009

Obama continues to put our minds at ease


"To you, he's Mr. Vice President," President Obama said at the Department of Transportation this morning. "But around the White House we call him 'The Sheriff' because if you're misusing taxpayer money, you'll have to answer to him."

That remark brought peals of laughter in the president's rah-rah address before approximately 600 DOT employees, where he was joined by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and "Sheriff" Biden.

Sheriff Biden then placed Obama under arrest. "Hands on the podium. Spread your feet, spread your feet. You got anything in your pockets that's gonna stick me? Huh?"

Just kidding. Joe the Genius just chuckled, possibly understanding the joke.

BTW, if you watch the video embedded near the end of Tapper's story, please tell me if you hear any "peals of laughter."

Posted by Jim Treacher at March 3, 2009 09:09 AM