March 28, 2009

Colonel Don responds!

I thought I might have scared him off the other day, but obviously he's too smart for that. Note that his e-mail address has changed slightly:

Subj: I need your firm assurance if we are going to do this together.
From: Col. Stanhouse Don []
To: Me
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 4:06 am

Dear Treacher,

Thanks for your quick response, I am sorry for my late reply I have been down since. Am still suffering fron the injuries I sustained in Iraq, which led to my final discharge from the Army. Please bear with me if am abit harsh sometimes, you must understand that I have been used to giving and taking orders most of my life as a Soldier and I am just trying to adjust to normal(Civilian) life. I guess you now get the picture of what I was trying to tell you after going through the site I earlier refered you to.

I do understand that there are alot of lies and hoax out there, but it still doesnt stop the truth from being the truth or should it prevent us from doing healthy meaningful business on or meeting trusworthy persons on the internet. I do agree with you that this might sound very strange, but remember that life itself is strange and unexplainable sometimes and there`s nothing we can do about it. It is so nice to have a brother-in-arms like you on this mission.
I am sorry to hear about your legs, I am also going through the pains of the terrible injuries I sustained during an armbush in Iraq. I can hardly talk anymore, due to the injuries. Are you aure youare in the position to see this through due to your present condition. I will let you decide, but be sure that we are on if you feel you can do this.

What I was trying to hint you about from the website I referred you was something very similar to one of my personal experiences when I was serving in the medical corp of the US Army in the wake of our Military Campaign in Iraq. I happened to be a member of an elite squad that was sent into the Iraq as an Arrow-Head at the begining of the Campaign. We discovered alot of things, that most are yet to be made known to the public to date and might never be.

On one of our regulars Runs(Patrols) in the Border-town of Mosul, we stumbbled unto a fleeing top Aide of the late Saddam Hussien who disguised himself as a woman. On searching his person and Donkeys, we discovered that he was actually carrying large sum of money(US Dollars) and was trying to get across to neighboring Turkey. We arrested him and had him transfered to the Capital City(Baghdad) with our discovery.

I happened to be the highest ranking officer at the time of this incidence and had to make most of the decisions directly. It happened that we have heard other Soldiers talking about similar discoveries of such throughout Iraq by different Platoons/Regiments. We already have knowledge of Soldiers involved in such discoveries helping themselves out of the Booty, so alot of the young Soldiers under me were so overwhelmed and agitated by the sight of such a large volume of cash that they became restless and started making various remarks and suggestions.

I have come to learn from experience that War do have grave effects on people in different ways, so I decided to to go with the flow so as to prevent any kind of internal Mutiny within us. We actually suceeded in sharing part of the Booty amongst ourselves based on Rank before we made our final declaration to the Central Command in Baghdad. I got quite a large sum been the highest ranking officer on location that day, my share runs into millions of dollars that has been kept in safety over the years. It is sad though that I ran into some misfortune before the end of my Service in Iraq that led to my early discharge/retirement.

We were caught in a sand-storm that made us fall far behind our lines and was later ambushed by vicious Insurgents, leaving most of my men dead and others including me on critical list. I was barely alive by the time rescue came and am glad to the hi-tech medical facilities availed to the Military, if not I would have been long dead. We all agreed not touch or spend any of the shared Booty until we have been discharged from Service and/or there`s a change in Government.
I just found out that one of my former collegues, have successfully routed his share home and now residing in Canada peacefully as wealthy Prospector.

This has prompted me to contact you and see if we can work something out together, especially now that the new(Obama`s) government has a different view on the War in Iraq and wants to move our great country forward. I am sorry that I might not be able to divulge any further information to you about this until I am very such that you are with me on this.

On your positive response to this message I will tell you more and how we are going to achieve success on this within the next 7-10days depending on your readiness. I am very indisposed at the moment and cannot do this on my own or afford a leak by dealing with anybody around me or that is/was in the Military, hence we have to stick with each other. Could you begin by telling me a little about yourself also. I will also need your full names, address and telephone number to facilate this. Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,
Col. Stanhouse D (Rtd)


Re: I need your firm assurance if we are going to do this together.
From: Me
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 9:09 am

Dear Colonel Don,

It is with great excitementation that I respondicate to your missive. But also a sense of foreskinning as this experients is broughted back memories of War. Lastnite I woked up bath in Sweat from a half-remember night mare, yelling "Zips in the wire! Zips in the wire!" I miss my buddys Major Clooney & Sgt. Cube.

My assuranticity is as firm as a pole-vaulters hind end. Please tell me how to get my free money, muthaphukka (termof endorsement).

Your brother and arms,
Lt. James "Brown Trousers" Treacher
U.S. Kiss Army (Ret.)
1313 Mockingbird Lane
Springfield, NT 12345
(555) 555-55554

I'm of two minds on this whole thing. It's galling that these scammers are now impersonating U.S. military personnel, but I figure every minute this idiot spends on me is a minute he's not scamming somebody who might fall for it.

Plus, it's fun. I haven't really checked out these guys, but I'm told they've made it an art form.

Posted by Jim Treacher at March 28, 2009 05:59 AM