April 05, 2009

Just in case he deletes it, like the stupid, underhanded creep he is

When we were out of power, we organized to win the next election. Conservatives, apparently, prefer to talk 'revolution' and kill cops. Signed, Markos Moulitsas

Shades of "Screw them."

P.S. Tommy Christopher: "I'm starting to feel like a lot of the liberal blogosphere is forgetting what it means to be a liberal, or maybe I’m using the wrong word. After 8 years of mortal kombat with the right, we've swung too far, become too belligerent." I agree with every word except "become." It's nice to have this concession to reality from a liberal, but some of us didn't need to see 8 years of this crap before we made the connection.

P.P.S. Ed's got the whole story.

P.P.P.S. Kos must be working out, because he's really moving those goalposts.

Posted by Jim Treacher at April 5, 2009 11:12 AM