April 19, 2009

Here's why Jon Stewart is a hack

Not only did this FBN guy recognize that the Republicans share the blame, but he then gave an accurate definition of fascism. All of which The Daily Show edited out because it didn't fit their narrative. If you want to mock this dude's goofy hair and voice, fine. But what Stewart did was blatantly dishonest, and it's why I don't watch his stupid show anymore.

"But he's just a comedian!" Well, he's a pundit when he wants people to listen to his political opinions. Then he becomes a comedian when he wants to deflect criticism of that punditry. Clown nose off, clown nose on.

Stop falling for it. Jon Stewart stinks.

P.S. Note that Cody Willard responded to this criticism by placing his comment back in the context Jon Stewart took out, not by trying to remove it from the public debate. Are you paying attention, CNN?

Posted by Jim Treacher at April 19, 2009 11:28 AM