August 08, 2009

If Kenneth Gladney was an Obama supporter, right now he'd be more famous than Rodney King

Al Sharpton would have a whole rack of new suits.

What better way to convince people they need the government to run their health care than to put them in the hospital?

On second thought, if Gladney was an Obama supporter, he wouldn't know what "Don't Tread on Me" means. And those SEIU guys (Smash, Endanger, Intimidate, Undermine) wouldn't have beaten him.

More info on Gladney here. And a summary of how the left is trying to make the whole thing go away, here.

Dissent is the lowest form of racism.

Dissent has always been the lowest form of racism.


P.S. Tonight on Law & Order: SEIU, the team leaps into action when an elderly woman says something fishy about health-care rationing to a Democrat.

Posted by Jim Treacher at August 8, 2009 11:02 AM