March 30, 2006

Note: For all intents and purposes, #2 and #4 are the same answer

Maddox's upcoming book The Alphabet of Manliness is #2 at Amazon. If I self-published a book, would you buy it?
Depends on how much it would cost
Depends on if you worked harder on it than you do on your stupid blog
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March 26, 2006

Hint: Rhymes with "inane"



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March 25, 2006

True enough!

Subject: I'll give you this
Date: 3/25/2006 1:54:34 A.M.

You are nothing if not consistent. And that's fair.


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March 24, 2006

My statement on Ben Domenech

Good evening. I'll just make a brief statement, and afterward I won't be taking any questions.

Yeah, so, I'd never heard of the guy until yesterday. I don't read Redstate, and I didn't know the Washington Post even had a blog. Good luck to them with that. But if this guy's a plagiarist, which it sounds like he is, I'm glad that he's quit, or resigned, or whatever. Good riddance. We hardly need another Sean-Paul Kelley running around.

Thank you and good day. [Exits podium, ignoring camera flashes and the plaintive cries of David Gregory]

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Presented in the spirit of accommodation:

Cet homme a une tête composée entièrement de merde.

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March 18, 2006

Stupid, cheap, and offensive


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March 13, 2006

MILV: Mom I'd Like to Veil


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March 09, 2006

Because I'm always thinking of you, the reader

If you like the nutty comics-type stuff, click here. It's got a bunch of that crap all on one convenient, bandwidth-hogging page. Thank you and have a nice day.

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I think Stephen King just got the idea for his next novel

From the NYT:

With a tendency to stare zombie-like and run into stationary objects, a new species of impaired motorist is hitting the roads: the Ambien driver.

Ambien, the nation's best-selling prescription sleeping pill, is showing up with regularity as a factor in traffic arrests, sometimes involving drivers who later say they were sleep-driving and have no memory of taking the wheel after taking the drug...

The behavior can include driving in the wrong direction or slamming into light poles or parked vehicles, as well as seeming oblivious to the arresting officers, according to a presentation last month at a meeting of forensic scientists...

A registered nurse who lives outside Denver took Ambien before going to sleep one night in January 2003. Sometime later — she says she remembers none of the episode — she got into her car wearing only a thin nightshirt in 20-degree weather, had a fender bender, urinated in the middle of an intersection, then became violent with police officers, according to her lawyer.

Ambien's new slogan: "Good night, and good luck."

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March 08, 2006

The sequel is never as good as the original




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March 05, 2006


I'm live-blogging the Oscars over here, if you feel like checking it out. Even if you don't, actually.

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March 04, 2006


Any traffic is good traffic, but when somebody at TotalFark links to me, I never know what they're saying because I'm not a member. Which stinks, because as everyone knows, bloggers are self-obsessed creeps. Well, hello, TotalFarkers. Thank you for giving me something to post about.

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