January 31, 2007

"Badware" update

I have been exonerated.

Posted by Jim Treacher at 06:34 PM

January 28, 2007

As opposed to badwear, which I remember seeing as a young lad in the '70s

A few days ago I noticed that when I did my usual Google ego-search for myself, this site popped up instead of linking directly here:


Which is true even at the best of times! So I went to StopBadware.org and sent an "appeal" e-mail to the address they gave, and I went to the Google page you're supposed to go to and did the stuff you're supposed to do. (Sorry for the arcane technical jargon.) If there's badware here I hope they'll tell me how to fix it, and if not I hope they'll leave me alone. But at least they gave me an excuse to post here again!

P.S. I still see people saying, "I'm glad Treacher quit blogging," but unfortunately for them I'm still typing away at Blowing Smoke almost every day and at The Daily Gut every so often. :(

Posted by Jim Treacher at 11:24 AM

January 10, 2007

Good news for people who like my blogging, but bad news for people who like it when I blog here

In addition to stinking up Blowing Smoke all the time, every once in a while you may find me over at The Daily Gut. I'm sorry.

Posted by Jim Treacher at 09:22 AM