February 10, 2007

Fine, and you?

The blogging continues apace at Blowing Smoke, and I'm still pitching in at The Daily Gut while Gutfeld and Levy get Red Eye off the ground. (Like a plane! But with much more harm to the environment.) To answer the e-mail I've been getting, Gutfeld is paying me in Fox News merchandise. I'm wearing my Hannity & Colmes (white) power tie and sipping from my Fox & Friends black (power) diner mug right now! The No Spin Zone t-shirts can be burned for warmth, or just on general principles.

In other news, usually I agree with Jack Cafferty 100%, but in this case he couldn't be more wrong. The press isn't giving Anna Nicole Smith nearly enough coverage! She earned every second of it.

Posted by Jim Treacher at 11:01 AM