My Name Is Jim Treacher

Having spent most of my productive years in the United States, I travelled to the Caribbean with my family.

Watching the developments in the US political scene from the outside feels different. You are not under any kind of pressure to take sides. This gives you an eagle eye view of the entire event.

I really love the Caribbean because of the way it makes you feel younger. The weather is immaculate and I love the feeling of the beach sand between my toes. I have grown fond of the political scene for a while, especially with the coming into power of President Donald Trump. I could not hold back anymore so I decided to open my personal blog where I would comment on some of these issues.

Commenting Things

During the electoral campaigns, I admired President Trump a lot because of his boldness. I admired him because he had the courage to say some of the things that were bothering so many Americans on the inside, that they were afraid to voice in public. I admired him because even in the face of looming defeat, he never wavered.

However, coming into power, I doubt if many still feel the same way. Just a couple of months in office and President Trump have made life-changing decisions for many Americans and aspiring Americans – many of these decisions are questionable at best.

The motives of the president are not quite clear in most instances but it is easy for an ordinary American to judge the decisions of President Trump as a direct attack on the past administration. Some of these decisions have attracted public outcry, including open protests from men and women from all walks of life.

I do believe President Trump has a lot of questions to answer, especially questions raised by ordinary Americans who are on the receiving end of all of the changes being made by the Trump administration. The United States is facing a lot of internal and external pressures in the form of natural disasters and war chants by the North Korean Supreme Leader. Americans will be watching keenly to see how President Trump reacts to all of this.

I also look at other issues including the army, the economy, the education system, healthcare and foreign affairs. My aim for this is to bring you an unbiased view of some of the burning issues in the different sectors of the United States.

I thought by now I would have retired from active social commentary and advocacy but the love of my home country plagues me even in a foreign land. I do not want to think of the coming of President Trump into office as America’s greatest mistake – not yet – but I will be watching closely to see how events unfold. I want to know if President Trump is acting in the overall interest of ordinary Americans or if he is simply out to settle scores.

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